Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A 'Home' for my depression

Today doodling and writing down ideas for my next series of work, focusing back on my feelings and thoughts when I was dealing with this weight issues, situating myself in a cocoon state in a bathroom or my bedroom, my bed was a HOME for my depressing state of mine, I don't know if it helped or not? But I didnt know any better than what was happening I thought at the time it was a haven and protecting me.

So so I document my bed, with me in it? Without me? Do I ad text? or Do I leave it out? Does this mean if I leave out text am I moving away from this text series of works? Could they all interlink at some stage technically they do so maybe I can chance it!!!!
Need to work on it some more!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Experimenting with Video

Digital Camera proped up on the table by books, I decided to take a video of me eating bread, cheese mayo and drinking coffee, uploaded it onto a mac, i speeded it up and added sound to it. The sound I took was of me reading out loud of my food diary entries, changed the pitch the speed and also i reversed it so you cant make out what I am saying.


This idea came from the table i did and i wondered what else is connected with a table i got four party tablecloths and wrote on them with the entries from my food diary . i thought by hanging them on the clothesline would be effective and it was, I took the video on my ordinary digital camera and the effects i did were done on windows movie maker, great for little jobs or if you dont have a comcorder and a mac:).

Writing on the Body Photographs

Just some of my series of writing on the body photographs, my favourites.... I really enjoyed doing these (even though I wasn't the photographer) I really like the black tone of the night time contrasting with the white body and the juxtaposition of it! If i do place myself in the bathroom or bedroom I'll have to work around the lighting to get that depression dark feel!

Other placements in the bathroom to do work! Methods I can use would be photography or film....

College Work

This semester I am still working with my Food Diary as my main source of work! Drawing in my sketchbook and wondering what way i can work next. This page from my sketchbook is an idea of placing myself in a bath with more writings on my body. I like this odd placement of the body's odd positions! Referring back to the body and weight issues I had and still do but the bathroom and the bedroom are the only places that you hid to be with yourself to think and go through things! So I think these would be the best places to take work in and from.